Anne Dereaux "LMLY"

Jeremy W. directs Anne Dereaux in a cinematic music video for "Let Me Love You" a cover and retelling of the much lauded song by Justin Bieber & DJ Snake song. The video premiered at earlier this month.

Shot, directed, and edited by Jeremy W. Song produced by ONLYXNE and mixed by SLEEP VISION. Starring Quentin Thrash and Khia. Clothing and wardrobe by Cassie Evanow. Jewelry by VidaKush. Special thanks to Rachael Broussard, Shawna Spears, Everything You Love to Hate, and Bryana Nicole.

Wonder Woman M.O.E

Jeremy W. storyboards and designs the Main on End for Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins. The MOE was produced at Greenhaus GFX.

Congratulations to director Patty Jenkins, Warner Bros. Pictures, and DC Entertainment on the release of this fantastic film. It was an honor and privilege to be part of it.

Click here to see this work.

Anne Dereaux "MO(U)RNING"

Jeremy W. directs the video for Anne Dereaux's debut single "MO(U)RNING". The video premiered this month at the Fader.

Excerpt from the Fader talking with Anne Dereaux:

We went very heavy [with] concept: morning vs mourning, waking up anew, but only after going through the agony of losing something or someone close to your heart,” Dereaux told The FADER over email. “The mutating halos are representative of my journey through the cosmos, sun down to sun up, from being broken to becoming whole again. There’s lots of symbolism, much of which is kind of fun to leave up to interpretation.

Return of Xander Cage + Site Updates

Jeremy W. ended 2016 with Greenhaus GFX, filling in as temporary Creative Director, directing the Main Title sequence for Return of Xander Cage, the the third film in the XXX franchise, directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia). The sequence is a balls-to-the-wall CG roller-coaster ride through a minefield of derelict satellites. Props to the team at Greenhaus GFX for their hard work on this one! 

After the stint at Greenhaus GFX, Jeremy W. met up with Los York, helping them out on a very cool and future project. More to come!

A few updates have been added to the site including new DIRECTOR, CREATIVE and DESIGN work. A link at the bottom of the DIRECTOR and CREATIVE pages points to an archive of older work on Vimeo in their respective categories. 

RIO 2016 spots for NBC Sports

Jeremy W. had the pleasure of working with the NBC Sports East-Coast Olympic team to design and produce graphics for two of their Rio 2016 broadcast spots.

DZ Solutions 2016 C-VID & spoofing the "Ghostbusters"

DZ Solutions invites Jeremy W. back for a third time to direct their 2016 sales video. "Ghostbusters" follows an annual line of DZ Solutions genre-homages, preceded by last years "James Bond" and before that, "Godzilla".

This year, we created a very company-inclusive video, inviting every DZ employee to play a part. The result was a collaborative project both fun for the talented team at DZ Solutions, their clients, and partners. Good luck to DZ Solutions throughout the rest of 2016 and on!