Return of Xander Cage + Site Updates

Jeremy W. ended 2016 with Greenhaus GFX, filling in as temporary Creative Director, directing the Main Title sequence for Return of Xander Cage, the the third film in the XXX franchise, directed by D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia). The sequence is a balls-to-the-wall CG roller-coaster ride through a minefield of derelict satellites. Props to the team at Greenhaus GFX for their hard work on this one! 

After the stint at Greenhaus GFX, Jeremy W. met up with Los York, helping them out on a very cool and future project. More to come!

A few updates have been added to the site including new DIRECTOR, CREATIVE and DESIGN work. A link at the bottom of the DIRECTOR and CREATIVE pages points to an archive of older work on Vimeo in their respective categories.