Feature | Client: Bert Marcus Productions | Studio: Iron Claw

Jeremy W. was approached by Bert Marcus Productions to bring his distinctive design and directorial style to their documentary film, CHAMPS. Working in collaboration with the film’s director and producer, Jeremy helped develop and direct original content for their film.


Jeremy directed a series of dramatic re-enactments centered around the life experiences of Mike Tyson, Bernard Hopkins, and Evander Holyfield in their youth. Each sequences recreated a deeply personal moment in their lives and needed to be treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect. Jeremy was able to merge his distinct design sensibilities and viscerally retell their stories.


CHAMPS dives into the dark underbelly of the Boxing industry. The film sheds light on the mistreatment and exploitation of even it's most famous athletes. Jeremy W. drove these gritty points home in a series of VFX vignettes combining motion control, phantom photography, and CGI.


Jeremy W. took on the challenge of taking the various, otherwise disparate elements that often are collected in a documentary. He married them together into a unified visual experience. Jeremy developed this with BMP with the greater goal of giving the film a brand it could call it’s own.