Madden NFL 13

Main Title | Client: EA Sports | Studio: Iron Claw

EA Sports teamed up with NFL superstar RAY LEWIS to create the most epic intro - ever - for the 13th edition of their flagship game series Madden NFL. Jeremy W. went head to head with industry greats and won the pitch with a simple strategy: a fucking killer concept. Ray Lewis is a sensational and divisive figure. Ray exudes an energy and has a power with words that is unrivaled by most athletes, and most public figures. Jeremy created a main title sequence that was literally as explosive as Ray himself. When he speaks, the world trembles.

In early discussions, Jeremy voiced supernatural themes inspired by and referencing Brain De Palma’s “The Fury”, leaving most scratching their heads and thinking: WTF. Yet, all knew this is the energy that was needed to channel Ray into Madden NFL 13. This resulted was an intimate, and physical shoot.

Little did Jeremy and the team know how predictive their concept for this main title was. Ray Lewis begins the sequence in a locker room no different than any other. The room around Ray trembles as he delivers his monologue. His words affect the environment. Ray makes a claim. He wants to leave an permanent imprint on history, to be remembered and immortalized. The locker room transforms. It opens up the environment into a futuristic stadium setting. Ray himself becomes a hologram in a NFL hall of fame from the future.

Jeremy coaxed an emotional performance out of Ray Lewis that left the whole team with a feeling: that this athlete was about to take the Baltimore Ravens to the Superbowl and finish his career as champion forever etched into NFL history.