The Case of the Floppy-Eared Rabbits

main Title + Motion Graphics | Client: Wake Forest University

Jeremy W. designs and produces a series of animated sequences for a short educational video directed by Justin Lerner for Wake Forest University. The film introduces students to concepts of curiosity, open-mindedness, and intellectual humility using the separate stories of two very different scientists on the cusp of the same important discovery. Through their practices of these three concepts, the scientists find themselves with very different outcomes.

The first animation sequence sets the tone for the story. We are generally aware of most important discoveries. Sometimes what it took to get there or what was discovered a long the way is overshadowed by the final outcome. The steps (or mis-steps) along the way are often equally important to that outcome.

Our stylistic approach was to combine the new and old, and riffing off the tropes of a traditional education video by adopting a single line weight design ethos and mixing modern animation techniques with an old-school "animating on twos" of certain elements.

A consistent design approach driven by the main title sequence was deployed across the entire video, elevating the students experience as they prepare to dive deeper into the education philosophy of the University.