Return of Xander Cage

Main Title | Client: Paramount Pictures | Studio: Greenhaus GFX

Jeremy W. was project Creative Director on the Main Title sequence for the third installment into the XXX franchise. Jeremy W. directed the 2-minute all CG sequence, working closely with the team at Greenhaus GFX to create the boldest, most in your face, title sequence as would be appropriate for a Vin Diesel XXX film helmed by director D.J. Caruso. There is nothing delicate to see here! Typography is capital L, large and not apologizing for it.

Award: GTA18/2017 Best Opening Title Sequence

Executive Creative Director: Helen Greene
Creative Director: Jason Doherty
Project Creative Director: Jeremy Wabiszczewicz
Editorial: Paul Holtzhausen
Art Directors: Amanda Koh & Matt Gleason
Producers: Megan Hamilton & Greg Medina
Designer / Animators: Christian Perez, Joseph Conover, Matt Redding, Sarah Federico, Tagori Vilela, Efram Potelle, Michael Pekala, Maria Anleu, Polina Alexeeva, Byron Slaybaugh, June Ahn, Stevan Del George, Luis Vega, Joshua Studebaker, and Jared Fujikuni