return of Xander Cage

Main on End | Client: Greenhaus GFX

Jeremy W. worked with Greenhaus GFX to develop main on end concepts for third entry into the XXX franchise: the Return of Xander Cage. Vin's back and he's taking the x-treme to eleven. While neither of these concepts went into production, Jeremy W. went on to direct the Main Title sequence of the film for Greenhaus GFX. 

The XXX franchise, needless-to-say, is over the top as all hell. Motocross on ocean waves? Hell-yes. Don't question it. The following set of frames acts as a fly-through of a nondescript high-tech command center by way of Pandora's Box, a device at the center of team XXX's problems.

This set of frames was built with the intent of just having some fun with character-cards. A lot of chaos, a lot of shiny and a lot of bold. Elements of the main title here did go on into production for the film.